We-Vibe’s take on the suction vibrator, this toy produces orgasms with record speed

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Wow…just wow…this personal massager had me levitating off my bed, seeing Jesus, and I finished in three minutes. Whenever I use my hands, it takes me from 20 minutes to an hour. All I could think about for those three minutes was ‘who needs men?’ HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LADY. Whenever you wanna text him? Pull this bad Larry out. So much better than a man! —Amazon Customer, Amazon reviewer

We-Vibe’s take on the suction vibrator, this sex toys men produces orgasms with record speed—and thanks to the We-Connect app, a partner can pleasure you with it from across the room or anywhere in the world. The head sucks on your clitoris to deliver super-strong stimulation with 12 intensity levels, and the toy’s long, thin shape makes it unobtrusive enough to use during partnered sex.

“Well, I will first say this it is very effective. Especially with a partner penetrating at the same time, it pushes up against you and is very stimulating (for both people). When used without a partner, it sometimes falls off if I contract my pelvic muscles, so that can be a downside (since I assume that a selling point for this vibrator is the hands-free aspect). I did enjoy using it in the bath—waterproof is a nice feature.”

Backdoor newbies need a bit of direction, and this set—complete with an anal douche, three plugs, a lube applicator, and handy guide—has pretty much everything you need to turn yourself into a pro.

Those with more sensitive nipples may prefer suckers like these instead of nipple clamps, but don’t be fooled—the sucking motion they provide can still be pretty intense. After using them, your nipples become larger and more sensitive due to increased blood flow, which makes them great to use before engaging in nipple play with a partner. You can also wear them during sex or masturbation for hands-free nipple stimulation.

“The finger motion is what made me buy this sex toys adam and eve. I had no idea I would like it so much. There is an app, too. Very easy to use. If you want to reach a climax fast, then I recommend using it without the app. However, if you want to go on a long journey and experiment, the app is an excellent guide.”

“I think my boyfriend likes just as much as I do! First time ever buying a toy and it’s definitely switched things up in the bedroom for my boyfriend and me. I would definitely try another style of product from this company. It’s easy to charge, easy to clean, easy to use. And I love the remote option!”

“I got this for my partner and me to have a little fun with. We went out for dinner and let”s just say it was a very interesting meal. The vibrations from this device were amazing, the material is super smooth best mens sex toys. My only worry was that if listening closely you could hear it. I love the design and the color, fits well in my undies. 10/10 for me. I left the establishment a very happy customer.”

Rabbit vibrators: Rabbit vibrators include a main shaft to massage your G-spot and an arm for clitoral stimulation. If you prefer the feeling of penetration or need dual stimulation to climax, this is the option for you. It’s the best of both worlds: a G-spot vibrator combined with a clit best sex toys on amazon.

This bulbous bullet vibrator is specifically sculpted for clitoral stimulation, and it feels smooth, silky, and rumbly (ideal for a more sensitive clit). “The We-Vibe Touch is another great clitoral vibe because its contoured shape caresses all the right places,” Engle says. “It’s got eight different vibration modes and is 100% waterproof, so it’s perfect to use in the bathtub or shower.”

Designed for the creative types among us, this unique bullet is a do-it-all best couples sex toys. Want to use it as a dual-ended vibrator? A prostate massager? A nipple stimulator? It’s game for all of that and more, complete with 11 settings and a rechargeable, one-hour battery. Oh, and you can also control it from an app, freeing up your hands for extra fun.

This anal vibrator has five beads that gradually increase in size, so you can start slowly and work your way up to the largest if you so desire. It has seven vibration modes that also make it great for adding extra stimulation to sex or masturbation.

This high-grade silicone wand massager is quiet, waterproof, and able to last over two hours—and it’s just $33. It comes in a variety of nice pastel colors, with eight vibration speeds and 20 different patterns, so you’ll never get bored. Plus, at nearly eight inches long and two inches wide, the Ava is a larger toy despite the smaller price tag.

For those who prefer something a little more intimate, the Fin is a three-speed finger vibrator, which essentially turns your digits into vibrators and gives you precise control over how much stimulation your clit gets. Like other Dame products, it’s rechargeable, water-resistant, and made from medical-grade silicone. Use it during shower sex for explosive results.

“The noises I make are unholy, I need waterproof sheets down, my legs spasm, I arch off the bed like The Exorcist and my neighbors definitely hear me. I’m left a trembling, exhausted mess, dizzy, with ringing ears and feeling like I’m going to pass out. It’s addictive. And that’s just on the lowest setting. Personally, I can come on each of the 12 settings from the lowest to the highest but I like to start off with the lowest. It’s quick but not too quick and oh-so incredibly intense and long.”

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